Video Alarm Security

The retail business is highly competitive and theft, whether it is committed by employees or shoplifters eat into the stores’ profits.

The nature of the retail business means that a large number of people has access to the premises, for instance to deliver merchandise or to shop. The potential risks involved require stores to meet demanding criteria with regard to security and safety.

We offer video surveillance and intrusion alarm solutions to secure your retail premises and provide whatever extra reassurance you need.

Cost Effective Video Surveillance Solution

Video surveillance is recognised as an essential element to retailers. Having visible security camera is an effective way to deter shoplifters and with good placement, cameras provide a clear view of the daily operations to help retailers monitor suspect areas and activities.

We know the different security needs in the retail environment and have a full-line of cost-effective video surveillance solutions ranging from CCTV and video recorders to video management software, allowing you to see, analyse and manage the store security even on the go.

Intrusion Alarm that Protect Your Assets

Shops that fail to implement intrusion security after official opening hours are considered a “soft target” for criminals. Installing an intrusion alarm system in the store will help secure the premise, equipment and assets round the clock.

We offer Bosch intruder alarm system that are reliable and designed to fulfill retailers specific security requirements. You will have full control of your alarm panel through your smartphone, including arm, disarm, trigger outputs to run external devices such as air conditioning, smart lighting, etc. They are easy to install and will surpass your expectations.


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