Traffic Counting

People counting at the door is a measure of opportunity.  It provides real-time information about visitor traffic and patterns, and this behaviour can then be analysed using a behaviour intelligence platform.  The metrics give businesses a better understanding of the visitor activity, opportunity, effectiveness of marketing campaigns and staffing requirements.

We provide an end-to-end solution for collecting and analysing behaviour data using a smart device to capture and track people as they enter, move around and out of physical places.

The Next Generation 3D Stereo Vision Sensor

Get ready for the new industry standard stereo sensor for people counting and tracking: the Brickstream 3D Gen 2!  The advanced processing of the Brickstream 3D Gen 2 provides in-store metrics with heightened reliability and accuracy over previous devices. With this new device, you will get accurate results in low light, high contrast and very bright environments. It also has a 21% wider field of view than the original Brickstream 3D thus requiring fewer cameras to cover a much larger area. This will reduce cost, streamline installation and simplify deployment. The Brickstream 3D Gen 2 has a new case with hidden wiring that provides a clean, modern look.

The new Brickstream 3D Gen 2 is backwards compatible with the original Brickstream 3D and back-end analytics solutions. Integration with the Brickstream Device Manager is seamless thus allowing large deployments to be managed from one central point.


  • More accurate conversion rates
  • Reduce cost and simplify deployment
  • Protect your investment

Every Visitor Counts

With sales data alone, you only see part of the picture. With Traffic Intelligence, you can reliably measure sales conversion and answer questions such as:

Why is the conversion rate higher in some stores than others? How are traffic patterns and conversion rates trending over time? How are seasonal events and marketing promotions changing the patterns?

Traffic Analytics

The Behaviour Intelligence Platform collates data from the sensors and provides businesses with real-time information about visitor traffic and traffic flows.  It enables you to identify key customer patterns such as visit frequency, dwell time, cross-store activity, and more.

With integration to the POS (Point of Sale), you may check the sales conversion and other sales trends such as total sales, average sales per day, average transaction value and so on.  The platform allows you to analyse and communicate business performance, and provides actionable insights to improve processes and increase profitability.



  • Enhance customer experience. Use in-store customer analytics to further improve consumer experience and reduce friction points throughout the store.
  • Discover cross-shopping behaviour. Uncover cross-visits among outlets and discover potential cannibalisation.
  •  Understand factors that contribute to performance by identifying shopper patterns and sales drivers.  In-depth insights enable more targeted improvements to boost sales and conversion rates.
  • Optimise marketing effectiveness and operation costs by understanding your business’ peak and off-peak hours.
  • Identify the ideal staff-to-customer ratio and staffing arrangement to optimise operational costs.


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