Thingsee IoT Solution

The Thingsee IoT device is a cost-effective, modular, reliable and flexible solution for smart buildings. It includes connectivity from device to device over Wirepas Massive and device to cloud over cellular or on-site LAN connectivity. All the devices and connectivity are managed through in-house proprietary IoT device management. This will be the connection to your own business application.

Added value of working with us

  • Get a modular and agnostic service without heavy upfront costs
  • We take care of the technology so that you can focus on the business
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • Setting up does not disrupt employees’ daily life and operations
  • Lower total cost of ownership – as simple as unpacking the devices and plugging in the gateway to the wall

Thingsee IoT devices for different purposes


    • PRESENCE Monitoring

      Measuring people presence through your facility in real time helps you better manage facilities such as offices, hospitals or restaurants. You can get data about desk and space usage, how your building is used and when the traffic peaks occur without collecting personal information

    • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

      Our indoor air quality device creates insights about your facility for increased comfort, reducing health risks and creating a better work environment for your employees. The monitoring device equips you with real-time data, helping you to identify the source of potential air quality issues. With this data you can optimise HVAC systems and energy usage

    • Environmental Monitoring

      Environmental Monitoring devices enable you to remotely monitor your most critical assets, so the most urgent issues can be detected in time. This monitoring consists of various elements, such as temperature and humidity levels, machine usage levels and detecting potential leakages. Monitoring these factors makes sure that your critical assets and equipment are working well

    • Fill Rate Monitoring

      Monitoring fill rates remotely helps you reduce workload while saving money and time. Get insights on what products are running out and when also allows you to plan for peak seasons


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